Appetizers & Sides


A1    Crab Rangoon (2)

Deep fried dumpling of cream cheese, imitation crab, and green onion, topped with powdered sugar. $3.50

A2    Chicken Wings (4)

Seasoned chicken wings, deep fried and served with sweet and sour dipping sauce.$3.95

A3    Chicken Satay (4)

Sliced chicken breast on stick marinated in Thai spices and deep fried. Served with peanut dipping sauce and cucumber salad. $5.95

A4    Ka Nom Jeeb (4)

Pork and shrimp Dim Sum appetizer served with special house dipping sauce. $5.95

A5    Siam Summer Rolls (2)

Fresh veggies and noodles wrapped in rice paper with choice of meat. Served with sweet and sour dipping sauce. Veggie/chicken, and tofu  $5.95   Shrimp  $6.95

A6    Egg Roll (1)

Shredded cabbage, carrots, sesame oil, celery, and sweet potatoes wrapped in egg dough. Deep fried and served with sweet and sour dipping sauce. $1.50

A7    Edamame

Soybeans steamed in pods.  $2.50

A8    Fried Tofu (4)

Served with house sweet and sour sauce. $3.95

A9    Shrimp Chips (12)

Deep fried shrimps flavored chips. $2.50

A10    Fried Meatballs (3)

Deep fried meatballs on wood skewers, served with house sweet and sour dipping sauce. $4.95

A11    Starter Sampler

Sampler combo with two pieces of chicken wings, crab rangoons, and eggrolls, Served with house dipping sauce. $6.25


Steamed Rice     $1.50

Sticky Rice          $3.50

Brown Rice         $3.00

Fried Rice           $4.50

Peanut Sauce     $1.50





There will be an automatic 15% gratuity added to parties of five or more.