House Specialties



Specialty Noodles

N5   Lad Na

Wide rice noodles pan fried with eggs, Chinese kale, carrots, and broccoli. Topped with savory brown sauce.

Veggie/Tofu/Chicken/Pork         $10.95

Beef/Shrimp/Duck                        $12.95

N6   Lo Mein

Pan fried egg noodles with ginger, carrots, Chinese kale, sesame oil, and celery.

Veggie/Tofu/Chicken/Pork         $10.95

Beef/Shrimp/Duck                       $12.95

House Specialty Plates

H1   Siam Spare Ribs

Baked spare ribs cooked to perfection and tossed in our authentic seasoning sauce with onions, celery, bell peppers, and scallions.   $14.95

H2   Lemongrass Chicken

Four deep fried chicken breast on lemongrass. Served over a streamed vegetable bed and drizzled with red curry sauce.   $13.95

H3   Hot Wok (Krata Ron)

Delicious blend of vegetables and choice of meat fire grilled and served sizzling hot over a cast iron steak plate.  

Veggie/Tofu/Chicken/Pork         $10.95

Beef/Shrimp/Duck                       $12.95

Seafood or Fish                          $14.95

H4  Bird's Nest (Mee Krob)


Hard boiled quail eggs pan fried and tossed in our authentic seasoning sauce with Chinese kale and carrots. Served over crunchy deep fried egg noodles.

Veggie/Tofu/Chicken/Pork           $10.95

Beef/Shrimp/Duck                         $12.95

Seafood or Fish                              $14.95

H5   Steamed Seafood (Hor Mok Talay)

Steamed mixed seafood with glass noodles, napa cabbage, green onions, basil, and red curry sauce. Wrapped in banana leaf.   $16.95

H6   Larb*

Choice of meat finely chopped and mixed in fresh scallions, cilantro, galangal, kaffir lime leaves and onions. Then tossed in Thai chili, ground rice powder, lime juice, and Thai seasoning.

Chicken/Pork          $12.95

Beef                         $13.95

H7 Basil Mussels (Sea Blossom)

Choose from mild to spicy. Green shell mussels infused with authentic Thai Seasoning and cooked with fresh basil, ginger, onions, and bell peppers.   $14.95










Dishes containing * indicates that the level spiciness can be selected according to the heal scale below.

1* very mild, 2* mild, 3* spicy,4* very spicy, 5* native hot